Our Vision

In a time of uncertainty, we aim to see the world and to share our perspective, in hopes of better understanding the path forward.

We invite you to join us in contributing your own viewpoints, as we believe change only happens when we increase one another's awareness and stand in support of the world we wish to build together.

Our Story

Born on opposite sides of the globe, our paths intersected nine years ago. Since that time, we have learned and grown together in our creative endeavors and cultural understanding.

In December 2016, we took the step of resigning from our jobs to pursue a time of travel, reflection, and creative output. With tensions increasing globally, we seek understanding and unity.



Musician (composer)


We are

Husband-wife creative traveling team



Writer, photographer, teacher


Become a global wormer

Do you have a passion for travel? A vision for a better world? Follow our journey and share your thoughts by replying to posts or by emailing us directly.